i can resist anything - except temptations.

Wow moment in Queens Part I.

Last day. I’m petrified. 👋 #tnt #kthanksbye

Totally digging the role of embarrassing and shameless Asian tourists with my parents in Berlin.

Hungry in the Czech Republic. (at Praha, Karlův most)

I was really hungry. Fakesmiling in #Prague. (at Praha Castle)

I have no words for how beautiful and pompous #Prague is. #unreal

☕️🍰 #wien (at Cafe Zentral In Wien)

Reiseplanung? Nö, lieber noch mehr Bücher und Blumen kaufen und all so Quatschs. Braucht man ja auch alles…Pleite bevor es überhaupt los geht. Pff.

Procrastination day: I have done everything but the things on my TO DO list. That being said I am now richer on several books, Himalaya salt, presents for my friend, a facial lotion set and a room full of flowers. Oh and a new laptop. #gettingmyprioritiesstraight #fail

Finally calming down with the landscapes pics cause I realized I won’t be a postcard-pics-photographer. Oh well, there comes a food pic for a change. Best dish so far in Lisbon. Pork teriyaki with pak choi. Now I’m in a food coma. 😋😴 (at Time Out - Mercado da Ribeira)

Breathtakingly beautiful, that’s what you are! (at Lisbon)

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